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  • Take Control of Your Work From Home Situation
    TAKING CONTROL OF YOUR WORK FROM HOME SITUATION Humanity, so diverse, yet deep down, as we peel our skin back, we are all the same. This global pandemic has put us Read more
  • Choosing a Backpack!
    What!! Choosing a backpack!  The children haven't even finished school and I am informing you on how to buy the correct backpack for your children.  Well, there are those parents Read more
  • Children and Chiropractic
    I have been a Chiropractor for 13 years and I really love what I do.  It is not a "job" for me.  It is my passion!  But, I am most Read more
  • Tired Achy Legs
    Are you standing all day?  Hair stylist, flight attendant, teacher, construction worker???Do you have spider vein or varicose veins already started in your legs??Are you pregnant or have had more Read more
  • Spring tune up time!!!
    Spring time is when most people take their bicycles out of storage and give them that spring tune up. This includes lubricating the chain to maintain proper movement between all Read more
  • Water and Back Health...
    Drinking enough water is very important for your back health! The discs in your back contain fluid that is largely comprised of water. Without adequate hydration, these discs begin to Read more


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